Committee Report & AFD 22.02.09

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Committee Report & AFD 22.02.09

Postby suebmick » Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:59 pm

Many thanks to all those who turned up for the AFD last sunday. We always have the best turnout of all the Formulae, & it is appreciated by the committee & the Club that official discussions are considered important by the Formula members.

At the start of the AFD Keith Messer informed us that he will be standing down as Chairman of the RTC (Racing & Technical Committee). His position will be taken over by Bill Gregory. Chris Gough thanked Keith on behalf of the Formula members for the hard work & invaluable support & advice that he has given us over the years. He will be sadly missed in his official capacity, but will still be seen at some race meetings. We all wish him well in his transcontinental & possibly trans-global (!) racing this year.

A variety of topics were raised & discussed at the meeting, including..

1. Wet tyres & currently available tread pattern (See the bulletin for Robin's AFD report)
2. Fiat engine regs for 2010 (currently being finalised by the committee for presentation to RTC & 750MC)
3. Transverse engine (work currently being undertaken by the committee on viability/feasability for 2010) & following on from this topic..
4. 4 vs 5 speed gearboxes (ditto)
5. Ability to enter only practice + 1 race of a 2-day double-header (for a variety of reasons not an option that the Club will be offering)
6. The use of twin chokes

As there were no other nominees for the post of Formula Rep, Rod Hill agreed to stand again for this post. His committee are as for 2008 (Chris Gough, Peter Bove, Will Johnston & Sue Buxton). Other individuals may be "commandeered" throughout the season to help with particular topics. If anyone wishes to offer their services for anything from organising a social event to technical advice, the committee would be extremely grateful for your help, especially as this is the 70th anniversary of the club, & the 60th of the 750Formula!

As ever, if there is anything you need to discuss, please don't hesitate to call any one of us. But be aware that the season starts in less than 3 weeks time & we're all manic!

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