AFD 17th Feb 2008

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AFD 17th Feb 2008

Postby suebmick » Tue Feb 19, 2008 9:52 am

For those who could not attend...

Topics discussed.......

Megajolt Ignition System. Currently in use by at least 1 competitor. To comply with regs, ignition/microprocessor systems MUST not be adjustable while the driver is in the car. Must be totally inaccessible by the driver when seated & not adjustable by anyone externally when the driver is in the car

Regulation 1F vi...removal of metal of "reciprocating" parts to be clarified/re-written. We all know what it means, but it doen't read that way!

Valve springs are "free"...Was discussed previously & should have been in regs for 2008. "Gentleman's agreement" for 2008 that double springs are NOT to be used. Regs to be re-written for 2009

Use of somebody else's control cam/engine in an emergency....number of cam must be registered with 750MC before use on track

"Passenger space"...Fire extinguisher & roll bar bracing IS allowed inside passenger space as per MSA regs, but anything else (e.g. battery) MUST ensure compliance with dimensional Formula regs. Battery cover is NOT a "seat" unless it is an INTEGRAL part of the car's body/chassis & therefore MUST NOT encroach on passenger space dimensions. Please ALL check your car...

"Removal of metal/engine parts" from the Fiat engine...clarification of what is/is not allowed to be discussed by committee (e.g. cam belt cover)

Discussion held concerning the future availability of structural components/spares (e.g. live rear axle...see page 15 of Feb Bulletin...Trailing...and what of the future?) & the possibility of the use of the Fiat engine & gearbox which would lead to independant rear suspension. Also future availability of Reliant & other 4 speed gearboxes vs 5 speed was discussed & will be a topic for the committee to review

Electric water pumps..a request was made for the withdrawal of the ban. Vote taken at AFD...majority in favour of continuance of ban

It was originally thought that there was only one Fiat FIRE engine, but the last 2 years have produced a variety of engines/part numbers/data. The committee has been asked to collate (if possible!) Fiat data concerning engines/spares & to "tidy up" "loose" regs.
All competitors are requested to read their regs THOROUGHLY & ensure that their car complies with ALL regs. Inadvertent non-compliance is still non-compliance & may result in eligibility scrutineers refusing to allow your car on track. Be warned...check your dimensions, decals, ride height, modifications, tyres, fuel etc
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