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2016 750 Formula Committee members and objectives for 2016

Postby pbove » Wed May 11, 2016 9:01 am

We have a slightly new look to our formula committee for 2016 as described below:

Formula Rep - still me (Peter Bove).

Committee Members:

Rod Hill - Rod has stood on the committee for many years and has been investigating many of the "issues" that were thought to exist with control cams, having the unenviable task of measuring a whole bunch of them.

Chris Gough - long term committee member, ex club director, ex formula rep. Chris now sits on the Race Committee.

Robin Gearing - Robin has been helping with rewrites of the regulations for the past couple of years, applying his experience of unravelling complex regulations and trying to eliminate contradictions and simplify the regs.

Max Sheppard - Max is another long term committee member and is now back racing with us following a short sabbatical.

Mark Glover - Mark is new to the team for 2016 and brings experience of running a transverse engined car to the committee, something that I was keen to add, given the success of Martin's Racekits initiative. Mark has raced with us for a number of years now, having been one of the Falcon "early adopters".

To my mind we have a good mix of experience, both long and shorter and constructors, non-constructors (me) and kit builders. We are always on the lookout for people to get involved with the committee and, if you have a desire to do so, then please come and have a chat to one of us.

Short to medium term objectives for the formula

Our overall aim is always to ensure that the formula is a great place to race with manageable costs, stable regulations and a good paddock atmosphere.
I was aware that, with a very welcome addition of new drivers over the past 3 years, there was a separation in the paddock between the "old hands" and the "newbies". I think that the pre-season outing to Donington helped to reduce this and, certainly at Silverstone, there seemed to be a nice vibe. I really enjoyed the day out to the museum and got to know the people I race with better and meet some of their friends and relatives that I would not usually meet. I am hoping that we will have an annual pre-season get together to go somewhere of interest and have a chat.

Stable regulations are important, change typically means cost and unless we need to make a change then I'm all for stability. So we will continue to make changes only when they are either forced on us or desirable to reduce costs, overcome an issue or level the playing field. To my mind, our regulations at the moment are mostly OK, there are few issues that I am aware of and the only one that really sticks out is tyres.

We are "blessed" with tyres from Yoko that have an exceptionally stiff sidewall which makes the tyres react in a rather strange way and, at times, rather unintuitive. We had to stop using the cross plies as Yoko stopped making them some time ago. The radial was their successor and, at the time, we went along with the change. The main issue that we seem to have with the tyres is durability - they don't last very long and unlike the cross plies, the grip is not related to the amount of rubber left on the tyre.

Objectives for 2016

• Continue to bring people together
• Try to address the tyre issue
• Solicit views on tracks for 2017
• Create the tools required to police the regulations re: cockpit and passenger space
• Work with Bob Blackmore (our formula scrutineer) to make sure that appropriate post-race checks are made
• Solicit driver's views on changes deemed necessary

That's all for now, as ever, I am always keen to hear your views, likes and dislikes so please let them be known to any of the team.

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