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Postby suebmick » Sat Mar 28, 2020 4:55 pm

A couple of years ago Mick spent about 3 months making a manifold. He was so chuffed with it. Running up in the garage it was great. Then he got on track at Brands & it was worse than useless. Changed back to the old one & the car suddenly lit up! We decided that it's a black art that we'll never understand.

We both run (well, himself did) a standard Fiat manifold that came with the engines with a bit of fettling to get the angles right etc. Having done many tests over the last few years at various tracks & next to various champions & ex champions & front runners (Peter, Bob, Mick, Bill C, Billy A, Chris, Mark etc), I can honestly say there isn't one of them that can overtake me in a straight line unless I lift, so I have to presume the Fiat one is pretty good.

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Re: Inlet manifold

Postby andyk5000 » Fri May 22, 2020 10:25 pm

I can't really get my head round what seems to work for others. The falcon has a long 4 into one manifold, long to give good torque as we made it to deal with the standard fiat ratios. Comparing rolling road figures is fairly pointless unless it's the same rolling road with the same operator.... they have their tricks .....
Anyway. We tuned for standing waves and get a pretty good torque boost midrange from that.
It would be tricky to do it with a shorter pipe length though.
One risk of the 4 pipes meeting in one collector is leaning of the top two pipes on part throttle.
Another thing to consider is that it's torque that propels the car, and the area under the graph, in my opinion, matters as much as the peak. Certainly it helps to have a broad torque curve for corners " between gears" and it's easier for a novice to get to grips with. Ours is complicated but having to have 45 deg horizontal change because of the tilted engine. We may make a fibreglsss manifold to go with a tillotsen as they are so much lighter it'll be easier plus they'll run at any angle.
It's a question of time. As it always is ....
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