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Postby pbove » Mon Apr 26, 2021 3:55 pm

I'm not sure that it pays off to run so close to the limit. I aim to run around 5kg over (which is only 1% of the total weight) and - as you can see from Ed's lap times in the second race, adding 3.5kg didn't make any difference to him. The scales at Silverstone are accurate (the weight of my car matched what I thought it would weigh having weighed it at home on my scales, however, I don't think that the scrutes are allowing us to weight the cars pre-race at the moment which is what caught Ed out.

It was a slightly mixed day for me. The discovery over the winter that my rear dampers were scrap resulted in some dampers being ordered and they only arrived on Tuesday - so a bit last minute and I didn't have any time to set the car up properly. It felt a bit weird/difficult/loose in qually, so we made some adjustments and gradually managed to make the car slower with every change - ho hum! All in all 2nd and 3rd was a bit of a lucky escape for me.

I'm hoping to get it properly sorted in time for Donington.

It was great to see 19 cars in qually - hopefully, that will continue through the year. Also nice to meet the new drivers and some old faces returning.

Well done to Mark and Ed for their wins and to Ian for the two class B wins!
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Re: Silverstone 2021

Postby Steve Boother » Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:11 pm

One of my tasks between now and Donington is to find where I can shed weight, to get to 5kgs over the limit is a bit of a dream right now but I have identified a few areas to focus on with the help of some formula friends.

I had a cracking time at Silverstone even though both my races were disrupted with spins. Meeting a few of the new guys face to face was great and I hope they enjoyed themselves too even with a few issues to resolve. I am not sure what happened to John Donley but he was one of many who fell by the way side which was a shame. Hopefully all issues can be resolved before Donington and we can look forward to a really healthy grid.

Thanks to everyone who was there on the day and also for those who hung about for the trophy presentations. We would like to make the presentations a regular event and I hope that everyone will turn up to support those that deserved awards. We will try and arrange this a bit earlier after our second race so that there can be some chatter too. It wasn't clear at Silverstone what we were supposed to do with the trophies, I had not seen any direction from the club and it seems boxes of trophies were just left for us to sort out. Next time we will know what to expect and make sure everyone know what we will do.

Just some minor repairs to do, look forward to seeing you all soon.

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