Silverstone International 23 August

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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby suebmick » Sun Aug 23, 2020 4:46 pm

How wonderful about Peter Ingham. Do tell him if you can that Dick Hartle bought it mainly because of the wonderful memories he had of racing AGAINST it years ago. When I told him it was for sale, I've never seen him move so fast! As you know, Dick adored that car & said it was the best car he'd ever driven & he regretted letting it go to build the Tristesse7.
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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby suebmick » Sun Aug 23, 2020 4:58 pm

Well Boys & Girls!
How wonderful to see you on the telly at Silverstone!

Some sterling stuff & great moves. Fabulous to see a Darvi at the front & another Darvi in "proper" colours going so well.
As usual Marcus was very kind in his commentary & said exactly what we have been saying about numbers....a lot of other championships have a good contingent of young blood, but the average 750 driver's age may prohibit some people to venture out this year & he's looking forward to seeing us all next year.

Congratulations to Peter for 2 good wins, & to Mark Glover, Andy Kemp & Chris Gough for making him work every lap.

Congratulations to Andy Kemp for posting the fastest time of the day in both races on a circuit that I don't think he's raced at before. You made some cracking passing manoeuvres that had us on the edge of our seats & you made them stick, seemingly without effort (Yeah, right!). You really don't realise just how good you are...…...

Congratulations to Team SB Steve Boother for realising that the Formula has changed rather a lot in the 20 years he's been away & stepping up to the challenge in style.

Commiserations to Tony Brazier who tried & tried, but it just wasn't his day. At least you were on the telly getting out of the car & standing waiting to be brought back in!

Good Luck all of you at Snetterton. We'll take a break from the 877T to watch you!

Sue & Mick
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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby Conway » Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:59 am

Thoroughly enjoyed Silverstone yesterday and great to see everyone in such fine form. Although it was frustrating not to be driving it all made for interesting spectating.

Being at the Wing allows some fun aerial camera angles. I'm afraid I didn't catch everyone but I'd be happy to pass on high resolution copies of these to any takers - just PM me your email and I'll send on any or all.


Oh and Peter - don't forget - half your race 2 winnings are mine! ;) :lol:
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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby pbove » Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:31 am

Well, that was quite a day! Jayne insisted that I watch the races on the "big telly" when i got home and race 1 was really a corker - I recommend watching it to anyone that hasn't yet seen it.

I felt very tired and had a bit of an upset stomach - although this could have been down to my Saturday night dinner of 4 packets of biscuits (the hotel restaurant closed before I arrived). Also, the room next to me decided they would play loud music which I couldn't block out of my head until 2:30am - so I wasn't really in tip top condition.

The session seemed to go well enough and I was spoiled by having a pit board which was showing P1 throughout the session which was good. It also showed .9 to P2 which I assumed was an error...... but it turned out it wasn't.

Race 1
I got an OK start but Mark beat me off the line and I swept around the outside of him through T1 and took the lead through T2. I got a poor run onto the Hangar Straight and Chris Gough, Mark and Andy Kemp all started closing in with Andy performing a great move into Stowe which I thought was a little optimistic, but to my amazement (horror) worked just fine. Andy led over the line and was driving really well until he slightly over cooked it at T3 and I was able to sneak onto the Hangar Straight ahead of him. I was able to pull out a gap as Mark, Chris and Andy all battled away, but just to liven things up, I decided (?) to make a couple of big mistakes by outbraking myself into the complex..... ho hum. Boy was I relieved to see the flag! Chris raced really well (I've watched the video) to claim an excellent 2nd place and Mark struggled to third with a down on power engine.

Race 2
I spent the time between races to try and eat something to settle my stomach, largely unsuccessfully......

On the way to the collecting area I heard a scraping sound..... odd. I asked Simon Boulter to see if there was anything caught under the car and he told me it was just the fuel overflow pipe..... odd again.... I got to the assembly area and thought about why a pipe that doesn't reach the ground would be scraping.... hmm..... I suddenly ealised that I had probably not refitted the fuel filler cap..... fortunately Conway was on hand and he lifted off the bonnet (yep, that wasn't fixed down either) and fitted the fuel cap and overflow pipe. Rich fetched my screwdriver (fortunately I was parked close by) and tightened the Dzus fasteners...... phew! Thanks Conway and RIch, I would have looked a prize Pr**k without your intervention!

Slightly better start, but Mark still beat me off the line and, but for a few first lap tussles it was a slightly easier race with Mark and Andy Kemp taking he other steps of the podium.

It was a great days racing, the weather stayed fine, the paddock had its usual challenges, but it didn't get in the way of some excellent racing.... if you haven't found it on Youtube, you really should!
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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby GregSwan » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:44 pm

Congratulations to ALL those on track at the weekend.

Considering the wide open spaces of Silverstone and the paucity of the grid, to see such close racing was definitely an unexpected bonus... at the front and also in Class B.

And with the cancellation of Anglesey, now is the time for all of us that didn't appear to enter Snetterton, including me! If anyone has a car problem, I'm sure between us we can rally round to help out. For anyone concerned about the Covid risks and not having to self-isolate, I'm sure we can implement our own enhanced safeguards within the paddock to satisfy any reservations. And if it's too far to travel, ask an Australian. I think a bumper entry for the last race of the season would do wonders for the spirit of the formula and it's standing within the club as we look forward to a better year in 2021. I've just spoken with a couple of people, including Nigel Terry; the good news is he just sold the SDAR to someone local. I'm hoping he'll see the value to entering the race before he considers any work on the car over the winter. Nigel is also happy to enter if anyone is OK lendng him a car. I'm sure there are many more established than me with the right phone numbers who will be able to exercise some gentle arm-twisting in the best interests of the formula. For those with cars for sale, a great opportunity to advertise them on track.
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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby Gloves » Tue Aug 25, 2020 1:33 pm


Firstly, congratulations to Peter on four out of four. It was going to be important to hit the season running and he has done an excellent job of doing that.

Qualifying was going to plan for me until six laps in when i got a misfire going through the link, as my times werent too bad i decide to pull in to the pits and investigate rather than risk damaging the engine and was very surprised to be in second for both races. It turned out to be a wire into the camshaft sensor (i think) as the problem didn’t raise its head again.

I got a reasonable start in race 1 but quickly found myself shuffled backwards down the hangar straight where my top speed made me a sitting duck to the faster cars, and trying to carry as much speed as possible through Stowe to keep me in touch at the complex. Congratulations to Pete for the win, Chris for a fine second and Andy Kemp for storming drive to fourth.

I changed cam timing for the second race and although straight line speed was still an issue i managed to put in some consistent laps to stay close to Pete and just out of Andrews clutches, only marred by trying to beat the synchro and failing when trying to change to fifth one lap and then struggling to find it before putting it back into fourth as id lost so much momentum. It looks like trip to the rolling road is on the cards.

It was good to see everyone and great to be back on track again. I watched the Alpha Live stream last night and the formula produced two cracking races, hopefully it will encourage a few more to get their cars out for a run at Snetterton

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Re: Silverstone International 23 August

Postby Steve Boother » Tue Aug 25, 2020 2:46 pm

Another huge congratulations to Peter for the double.

I had an interesting practice which included a spin early on, 6th position which was ok, first class B. I did find that I had a leak from the hub seal which with massive help from Simon we managed to sort out with a new one.

I had a great first race, managed to hang on the lead group for a couple of laps which is very encouraging. I think the straight line speed in the car is good and I think that once I have got to grips with the limits of the car in the corners the times will come down. 5th in the race, getting past Bob on the second to last lap I think, and 1st in B so very satisfied with that.

Race 2, I was up a place to 5th off the start and had good pace for a couple of laps until the talent ran out and was unfortunately caught on the Alpha Live stream. This did however get the red mist flowing and after sitting on the track facing the wrong way with both Richard J and Martin coming past I caught and passed them both after a few laps. Martin did get back past and we had a great tussle right to the end of the race. Happy with getting into the 1:17's.

Great to see everyone as usual and lots of paddock banter made for a fantastic day. Can't wait to see you all again soon.

Steve Boother
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