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Re: Donington (2)

Postby DANIELWELSH » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:37 pm

ME TOO,many moons ago drax ,b, power station ,150ft up on open steelwork ,i lost half a finger ,had to climb down , without finger !!( in the days when steel erectors could walk open steel, .. ,when i returned to work , (large contractors tea cabin ) cup of tea ,read the paper, something hit me on the back of my head,behind me on the floor was my blood soaked, old glove ,complete with half a dried finger !! i had it in a matchbox for ages ,in fact a few weeks later, i nearly ate it !!, my brother came and asked to borrow some tool whilst i was eating my tea ,off to the garage i went , unbeknown to me , jackie had shown him my dried up finger ,complete with finger nail,( it looked like a piece of soggy pork scratching ) , yes... it ended up on my plate mixed in with the chips and veg!! this day , i dont know where it went ?
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Mon Nov 04, 2019 10:58 am

Fortunately my daughters forced me to go vegetarian about 30 years ago so that wont happen to me. On the other hand, our one year old Labrador is either very concerned about my welfare or hoping the finger will drop off.

Now I have got the hang of it, here is the video of race 1. It features you Dan, briefly at the beginning and Bob briefly at the end but it is mainly for the Richard Rothery Supporters Club.

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby geofff » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:39 am

Hi Martin,

Hope the finger get's better.

In the video your left wheel spat seems to be vibrating a lot, was it loose?

Also what's your "Need a bigger engine" comment on the video? I cannot here the sound (of the engine) due to where I'm reviewing the file :)


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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:35 pm

In both races the car in front keeps leaving me behind - especially between the chicane and Redgate partly because we haven't fitted our lighter bodywork and partly because the gearing isn't ideal for the chicane and partly because the engine needs re-tuning for more top end power.
The wobbly mudguard is play in the slide-on mounting - no danger of it coming off.

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby suebmick » Mon Nov 04, 2019 9:34 pm

Ah well....of course you're fighting a losing battle without the bigger engine!

As it was MY car in front of you for some time in the 2nd Donington race, all I can say is that it took you all race to catch up because, of course, for His Lordship to drive it instead of me, we had to change the engine to the bigger one, the twin carbs came out of storage, the super-juice race fuel was brought out of hiding, the carbon brake calipers were so light you forgot you had them on, brake discs were ground down to a slither, the ali roll hoop was fitted in place of the steel one, holes were drilled throughout the chassis & the flywheel, the floor was removed & the downforce underneath winglets re-fitted & Mick lost 2 stone. The only thing we didn't change was the old rubber (Doh!)& he struggled all the way round to keep the Darvi pointing where it was supposed to go.

Oh, and the REAL change we made, was, of course, the nut behind the wheel. That always seems to be the most important nut on the whole car. Can't think why...…………….


Mick struggling...……………….

Mick sideways at Redgate.jpg
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby pbove » Tue Nov 05, 2019 8:25 am

The PRS is very good at carrying apex speed and in acceleration out of the corners. Having followed David at Oulton, where he was struggling with grip, it was clear that power comes second to grip in the performance stakes.

When someone carries a lot of apex speed and accelerates out of the corner it is easy to assume they have massive power, but it's more likely to be more grip/better driving, but Martin knows that.
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:14 am

That is indeed true Peter, grip is king and It always looks as though the car in front is slower in the corners and faster down the straights, but I was allowing for that.

In the race with Mick it is clear that his car is handling inconsistently which gave me the advantage, particularly in the faster corners, and in that race the engine was fine so I was able to pull away once I was clear - despite getting the entry to Redgate wrong in a different way every lap.

It was in the first race that engine was a bit off. In that race the PRS was driven by Richard who has a bit less experience of Donington and Coppice in particular is a really hard corner to judge, so I could catch him there but then lost out down the straight. Something which is quite noticeable in the videos and even more noticeable on the track was that I could pick up a slipstream off the Darvi but not off the PRS. I think that might be because the PRS has lower drag and leaves less turbulence in its wake. High grip - low drag makes for a very good 750 Formula design.
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