Donington (2)

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby suebmick » Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:29 pm

How about here...……….Motorsport News

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:16 pm

That explains why Greg finished half the races

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby GregSwan » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:57 pm

Well.. what a weekend!

First up, a big thank you to Jo White, Alex Bagnell, Tom Driscoll and Bob Simpson Racing for saving the day and getting me out for the second race. There's no way I would have made it without them. With my head buried deep inside the Ingham, BSR also saved me a few quid by dragging me off to the driver's meeting... guess who's packing the beers for Oulton. The box is a really tight fit in the car so it was a right pita to get access... definitely going to change a couple of tubes down there over the winter as it shouldn't be more than half hour job. Sods law Bob's clutch plate lost a spring in Race 1, thankfully he found another before we needed to repeat the exercise and return his loaner. At least by then my nerves had calmed down a bit... I spent a restless night in the B&B reminding myself that a season in Minis in 1998 and one in the H750F a couple of years back doesn't amount to much so best take it easy and don't do anything stupid... even more so with just eleven laps to play with. It felt great to get round OK. I cocked up first lap going the wrong side of Dan on the approach to the chicane and locking up on new pads, happy to bail out before I risked punting Conway off. I'm pretty sure the photo is of me rejoining the track Peter! From then on it was huge fun getting a feel for the car, eventually getting past Dan (I think we both enjoyed dicing for a few laps), and with a clear track pressing on a little bit. I was gutted to see the flag come out so soon... here's looking forward to the next time!

Highlights: I won't forget the smile on Dick's face when he sat in his car, or the laugh we had struggling to get him out (for a moment I thought I'd have to pop a helmet on him and send him out incognito). Seeing the car in Autosport is going make his day. Sharing garage space with "the" Bob Simpson, realising he would have been racing against the Ingham when it first came out and hoping he wasn't looking too closely at my numpty spanner work. Nige passing by and telling me to stop wasting time and f*****g get on with it... a bit like old man Raikkonen, he might not always say that much but when he does you listen. Obviously Mick on the podium... sparing the missus from uninvited hugs from me and any resulting paddock gossip. And yet again, feeling welcomed in the paddock and accepted into the 750 Formula family. Oh, and Peter getting his money back.

Lowlights: Gutted for Bob that yet again the CofC coming down hard, especially after Mallory with the Ingham involved, however inadvertantly. And really gutted to see the Cowleys sidelined and Bill wandering about in his race suit. I was on the verge of offering the drive but after a year running the Ingham for others I was told not. To think the 1969 cars could have bookended the 70th Anniversay race.... sadly it wasn't to be.

Again, many thanks to you all.
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:48 pm

I had my best weekend this season although it got off to a bad start when I was black flagged in practice. Thinking that I might have an oil leak I toured in slowly keeping off the the racing line only to find that I had been reported to be on fire - good job I wasn't. By the time the scrutes and I had satisfied ourselves that there had been no fire practice was over - still better safe than sorry so I am not complaining.
The car was a bit wayward and that turned out to be a missing hub. The wheel couldn't have come of but it was a bit wobbly.

In race 1 I had a good race with Richard Rothery I just couldn't keep up with the low drag of the PRS 1 on the straights and it was just too slippery to pick up a slipstream. As the responsible aerodynamicist that must have been very pleasing for Richard and he was ahead at the flag.

In race 2, after a dice with Rod which included a little nuzzle down the Craner curves I was able to catch Mick and Bob who were having an entertaining scrap up ahead. That ended when Bob and a lapped car collided and I was able to catch and pass Mick for third place. I'll just say that again - I was able to catch and pass Mick for third place. I might not get another chance to say that. I saw Richard catching me again in the final laps so I ran wide at Redgate and threw a load of stones at him. I think I got away with it Jonathan Palmer had left by then.

Congratulations to Peter for a couple of good wins. I have watched his video and I must say I was much more consistent than him going in to Redgate, as I made a mistake every time. There must be someway of deciding when to turn in but I haven't found it yet.
When we got home we found a big tyre mark on the left rear mudguard. I don't know when it happened but if it was me pushing someone off the track, and there are several possible victims, I'm sorry it wasn't intentional,

The formula isn't the only thing that is 70 this year as I am just a month older. Another 3 races without a podium finish and I would have qualified for class B again. Now I will have to wait until I am at least 75 - time goes faster as you get older but the car doesn't.


I was intending to post a video of my race somewhere but I have yet to find a combination of computers and software that will let me edit it.
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby geofff » Sat Sep 14, 2019 1:50 pm


I've watched Peter's video too, i notice when he was following Mark very closely that he had to make two movements on the steering wheel sometimes. Would that be the front wing aero being disturbed?


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Re: Donington (2)

Postby pbove » Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:18 pm

No, two movements on the steering wheel is typically oversteer..... or incompetence!!
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:41 am

After nearly 25 years racing I have at last ended up in a Trauma unit after failing to control a 1HP motor. It looked for a while as though I would only be able to count to nine and a half in future, but but despite coming a distant second to the circular saw my left index finger is staging a strong recovery.
At least the enforced idleness has given me a chance to sort out my Donington video - which is not without incident,

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Dave Robson » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:52 pm

Sorry to hear about your accident. I trust that you'll be fully 'hands on' very soon.

I always thought that your humour was along the same lines as Dave Allen but this is taking the similarity too far!!!
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Re: Donington (2)

Postby Martin Kemp » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:35 pm

Different finger.
Actually I misspoke it is the left middle finger - fortunately the index finger is already shorter and escaped.
As luck would have I spent 25 years designing artificial limbs so I am not expecting much sympathy from my former trials patients and colleagues.

I must say that the treatment and care given to save a pretty average 70 year old finger was outstanding despite most of the staff working 12 hour shifts.
To my mind the NHS is the pinnacle of human achievement.

I say, forget Brexit, one way or the other, for richer or poorer we will still survive, instead vote for whoever you think will make the best job of the NHS or some people may not survive their next illness or accident.

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Re: Donington (2)

Postby tdriscoll » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:10 am

@Martin - Ouch! Hope your finger heals nice and quickly. At a previous job, the guy in charge of health and safety for a particular project had 9 1/2 fingers - maybe as a warning to the rest of us! At the risk of this becoming a political thread - couldn't agree more about the NHS - preach!

Back to driving round in circles, great video! You, Mick, Bob and Rod had a great tussle throughout. It's races like that which make it a shame an onboard camera has to be able to 'see' the driver's steering inputs, because a 'nose-cam' or rear-facing camera would give spectacular footage
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