Mallory is coming round a bit quick.

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Re: Mallory is coming round a bit quick.

Postby F1300Tony » Mon May 06, 2019 9:07 am

Described as the "best 750 race I have seen for years". Well done all.
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Re: Mallory is coming round a bit quick.

Postby pbove » Mon May 06, 2019 9:28 am

Fabulous grid, I can't remember the last time we had 24 cars, thanks to everyone for making the effort.

I had to bed in new brake pads in practice, having discovered the fronts were nearly down to the metal after Brands Hatch. So a bit of a slow start and then I started to experience problems on the upchange. Eventually, this resulted in me being stuck in first gear, so I pulled off.

Race 1
I got a reasonable start and managed to work my way through the cars ahead. This was made harder by some excellent racing from my fellow competitors, Rod, Bob and Olly in particular. Eventually I got myself onto Olly's rear wing (figuratively speaking) and was able to sneak up the inside through Gerrards when he understeered wide. Then we had oil at Gerrards which could be seen quite clearly, and I was held up by a gaggle of backmarkers which allowed that wiley old fox Mr Simpson to close back up. I managed to pull out a bit of a gap again and was relieved to see the chequered flag. I was amazed to finish second, I hadn't realised I was even close to a podium. It was also great to share the podium with Mr Simpson - it was just like old times.

Race 2
Another OK start, but a bigger gaggle of cars and a very feisty Rod Hill. I had a great battle with Rod, Bill, Bob - and despite having better pace, I wasn't really able to capitalise until I managed to work my way through the group. I was closing on Mr Gough when Mr Terry had a spin at the Esses and we had to take evasive action. Coming through the second time, Chris came up behind Jonathan Sadler in the Ingham which was travelling very slowly and clearly heading for the pit lane entrance, Chris followed towards the pit lane and also appeared to be heading into the pits. I was doing 56mph on the racing line and Bob and I went past what we assumed to be two cars going into the pits. After the race we were docked 5 seconds for overtaking under the yellow - although, had Chris been on the normal racing line I would not have passed him. Hey ho, rules are rules I guess, but it was a slightly sorry way to end what had been a great day of racing.

There seemed to be a lot of retirements during the day, some mechanical some due to contact. It would be interesting to hear the mechanical maladies so that we can see whether there are some ongoing reliability trends that need to be addressed through reg changes.
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Re: Mallory is coming round a bit quick.

Postby ninja » Mon May 06, 2019 11:40 am

finally got through qually with no issues, and into first race with the sdar
it was clear the mirrors on the car are not well placed and need to be moved or replaced with convex glass ones, a big blind spot on both sides, blocked by the wing stays.
stalled on the line in both races. which turned both races into test sessions in reality, but good fun and learned a lot about the car.
when caught by the pack i was able to judge my speed and pick up the pace well
great to catch up with the old guys and see some new faces in the formula.
see you at Croft
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Re: Mallory is coming round a bit quick.

Postby suebmick » Mon May 06, 2019 7:33 pm


Firstly my apologies to anyone who came within a few feet of me yesterday! Only the ones who've had a "nasty" on track will really understand the stresses of the day. The discussions of 20 odd years ago with Dick Harvey about Mick racing my car was forefront in my mind. And I missed Dick's pragmatism & down-to-earth words as soon as we got to the circuit & reality started to kick in. I have always known that the car is faster than me. Now I know it's true! But apparently, I've now got no excuses!!

Yesterday was a day of reckoning for Team Harris. It's been 3 1/2 years since Mick stopped racing abruptly. He himself wasn't hurt, but someone else was. 3 1/2 years of him watching me enjoy my racing & him standing on the sidelines & doing the necessary. 3 1/2 years of me getting him to get back on track. I had to lend him my car to get him to do it, & nag him like never before to be there. To shut me up, he agreed.

So he got in a car he's never driven. Front engine, which he's not been in for 30-odd years. Awkward & uncomfortable. On track with people he's never been with on track. In my baby Darvi, that I've only let him & my God-daughter even sit in. Again, only those of you who've "been there" will understand. The only way to find out if you've still got "it", or whether "it's" gone, is to do it. And, Yes, it looks rather like he's still got "it"! Maestro's back. The Boy done good.

In his words, he was cautious. He wasn't prepared to "battle" full on & often let cars by taking the softer option & biding his time. But the first race he finished with a stone through the rad, 7th place, & 3rd quickest time. AND only 0.3seconds shy of his own PB. And that's after 40 years of racing at Mallory! Not too shabby. (Just a tad quicker than MY PB!). And he was determined to do better next time! And he was getting much more relaxed in the car as he went out for the 2nd race. The GoPro shows he was back to his full speed self. Until, coming out of the hairpin, Rod held a gear just a gnats too long when Mick was accelerating hard, & as Rod changed gear Mick went into the back of him. The mudguard & stay hit the tyre & Mick had to pull off into the pit lane.

Our thanks to Bill, Chris, Bob, Peter, Rod & everyone else on track who helped make his comeback one to be proud of. Our stress levels have now dropped through the floor, thank goodness, & we'll spend some time in the garage getting ready for the King of The Mountain's return to Cadwell.

Good luck to you all 'oop Narth at Croft. We'll watch you on live timing

Team Harris

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Re: Mallory is coming round a bit quick.

Postby Conway » Fri May 24, 2019 1:44 pm

They may not be on the 750MC website yet, but Jon Elsey the photographer's website has a great selection of pictures from Mallory Park:

See...some of you at Croft!

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