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Postby suebmick » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:32 pm

Paul, that's dreadful. After Rod/Glenda had that happen at Mallory, we always lock up for the race etc now. I seem to remember someone at a bike meeting a donington last year had his bike stolen. He had taken the rear wheel off to go & get a new tyre fitted & when he came back, 2 guys had picked up the back end, walked down the paddock with it on 1 wheel, put it in a van & driven out of the gate. People had seen them, but assumed they were taking their own bike down the paddock. It's SO easy for ANYONE to mooch about & bide their time at a race meeting. And apparently some bikers at that meeting also had wallets taken & others were saying that Donington is known for it. Hope they didn't get access to anything other than your cash & that you could stop everything.

Well, apart from dodgy brakes all weekend & losing a bit of fibreglass to Paul's wheel, I had rather a good 'un.

As usual, I thought I was trying in qualifying, but managed to knock 3 seconds off qualy time in both races & was only 1/10th second off my PB. My Mojo never seems to kick in until the red lights go out!

Cracking start in race 1 & a cracking race with Tom, James, Mike, Paul & Dan despite Bill Cowley trying to give us all a hairy moment with slippy stuff all over Redgate! I had 6th place nicely sorted, thankyou, until the double yellows came out to remove Paul's car & I duly slowed to a pace that hopefully wouldn't see the pack behind closing, but was still respecting the "be prepared to stop because the double yellows are waving at you" rule. Unfortunately, no-one appeared to have a green flag to hand, so I assumed the flashing yellows on the gantry meant that until I saw the lights turned off at S/F line, I was not to do "race pace". It appears I was wrong. Apparently, so Viv tells me, if you go past 2 marshalls' posts & there are NO flags, you're racing. The first time in 20 odd years it's happened to me! The chasers closed on me & Conway & Dan went past. When I saw the lights were turned off, it was too late to get back at them. Hey ho. 8th & a Class B win. Can't grumble. Live & learn

Race 2 was not such a good start and I seemed to be mullered by far too many people before the exit of Redgate. But in true Harris style, I was determined to pick off the cars in front one by one & work my way back lap after lap. Hard work but bloomin' good fun.

Thankyou to all those who sat next to me playing chicken going into the chicane & Redgate. We all came out the other side & now I know where you all do & don't pretend to be the last of the late great brakers!! 10th & another Class B win will do just fine.

Now it's time to find out why my brakes weren't doing what they have always done & repair the battle damage on the sidepod & get Paul's paint off!

Roll on Snett
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Re: Donington National

Postby Conway » Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:08 pm

I knew I could smell burning...

So this is what happens when a polyurethane exhaust hanger bush melts onto a silencer sleeve:
2018.09.04 Sleeve.jpg
2018.09.04 Sleeve.jpg (151.64 KiB) Viewed 1600 times

This is what's left of the bush that caused the mess:
2018.09.04 Polybush hanger.jpg
2018.09.04 Polybush hanger.jpg (144.4 KiB) Viewed 1600 times

And this is the lid/sleeve misalignment that caused the heat to build up:
2018.09.04 Misalignment.jpg
2018.09.04 Misalignment.jpg (128.21 KiB) Viewed 1600 times

To be continued...
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Re: Donington National

Postby Conway » Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:24 pm

I knew the silencer wasn't quite right just before race 2, but didn't have time to investigate. As well as the misalignment at the front, the tail pipe was hiding in the sidepod:
2018.09.04 Peepo.jpg
2018.09.04 Peepo.jpg (138.93 KiB) Viewed 1600 times

And this is the shear in the perforated core that caused the misalignment:
2018.09.04 Shear.jpg
2018.09.04 Shear.jpg (165.34 KiB) Viewed 1600 times

I think the likely root cause was insufficient support for the can, and flex between it and the header pipes. I can improve the support, probably with rubber bushes this time (!), but I'm just wondering what to do for the can itself.

It's a repackable Micron universal cylinder, around 450mm x 110mm but I can't seem to find any made up Micron spares. I'm thinking the easiest thing is to get some new perforated stainless steel, which seems to be readily available on ebay, and set to with the TIG welder. Anyone have any other ideas?

Having to repair the car after every event is exhausting... :lol:

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Re: Donington National

Postby tdriscoll » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:24 pm

For the first time in 2 years, a race weekend without an urgent repair to be made during/afterwards...

I thought qualifying had gone ok, car felt good, despite it being pretty busy on track with a group of about 6 of us circulating together. Looking at the timesheets afterwards, I realised I didn't like what I saw and I had no excuses. Must try harder.

Race 1 start was terrible, I was pretty cross with myself, and this might have been the kick I needed to push a bit more. Really exciting race with Sue and James, side-by-side again and again, spending a lot of time looking in my mirrors rather than the way ahead. All three of us turning up together to Redgate with less brakes than we were expecting makes for almost comical viewing, but the rallycross line isn't much slower it seems.

Race 2 was a far better start (though Bill again made the rest of us look like we were standing still), and then more of the same with James and Sue, with Michael Jacobs joining in the fun, and Paul too before his finger trouble. The ADR is a wide car we know - but in the mirrors it looks HUGE. On lap 2 or 3 I thought it was just James behind me - Sue was completely hidden behind the #28. Videos are on youtube now. I JUST held off Michael on the final lap, 0.13s apart, a great first weekend for him.

The class B championship is still a 3-horse race going to the final round, and with the overall championship also still open, it should be a great weekend. I make it that Bill and Mark are separated by 9 points (before and after 1 dropped score); while Paul and myself are separated by 6 points (after 1 drop). Sue is then 29 behind Paul, so is not out of things just yet either.

Conway, hopefully that polyurethane will scrape off nicely, or you will be smelling that next time out too. Did those o-rings survive, or were they just hanging things together in the garage??

See you in Norfolk
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Re: Donington National

Postby Conway » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:38 pm

Hi Tom

The two black O rings must have been molded into the polyurethane bushes. Apparently that's what you're left with if you melt the colourful bit off!
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Re: Donington National

Postby pbove » Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:40 pm

You were lucky Conway..... when the tail er.... fell off the end of my silencer one year at Cadwell it set the sidepod alight, which I failed to notice until I passed some of my burning sidepod on the Straight.......
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Re: Donington National

Postby Martin Kemp » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:17 am

It has been a poor year so far for the Racekits works team with niggling minor problems affecting us all year, despite the car being quicker than ever.
My first proper race at Pembrey was spoilt by 3rd gear losing interest in its job and us having to replace the box for Cadwell.

Andrew did really well to get two 3rd places and a fastest in his first wet races but did have trouble with getting the car to pull properly. However we were delighted with Mark's first win for a Racekits Falcon. If you can win at Cadwell you can win anywhere.

It was my turn at Donington. More trouble in practice. We have a little extension tube on the carburettor venturi which makes a little bit of a difference when it is there and a lot of difference when it isn't. It fell off. For the race Andrew replaced it with a bit of tube sawn off one of our portable chairs and that made it 3 seconds a lap quicker in the races.
The car was now pulling the right revs but not necessarily in the right gears - very odd - until we realised that our new gearbox has the wrong final drive ratio, 3.45:1 instead of 4.1:1. In the circumstances two 4th places in the races was a pleasing result and Mark's second win even better. The car is handling beautifully at the moment and it will be my turn again at Snetterton, however changing the final drive ratio means replacing the gearbox output shaft and making a load of special tools, so that won't happen until next year and I will be racing with, effectively, a 2 speed gearbox. Saves wear on the clutch.

Should be an exciting end to the championship but the points situation is too complicated for me to understand at the moment. Perhaps someone who knows could explain it to the viewers.

Martin Kemp
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Re: Donington National

Postby GregSwan » Thu Sep 06, 2018 1:02 pm

Dear all,

Many thanks for making us (both Mike and myself) feel welcomed into the 750 Formula at Donington… we both had a great time! Unfortunately, I was busy with the V Factory H750F posse at the other end of the paddock, but I did manage to meet and say hello to at least a few of you.

I thought Mike did really well popping his racing cherry. Having done a bit of race preparation on the SIM and in testing at Bicester Heritage, I was really happy to see Mike on a couple of 1:27s to qualify second and first in Class B for the two races.

Race 1 was a bit of a baptism of fire with a near miss on the oil at Redgate. Thankfully only superficial damage to the Ingham’s Bove nose and after a quick pit stop Mike was able to rejoin and finish the race. No major damage to Paul’s car either so he was also back out for race 2, now minus copious amounts of collected ballast.

Race 2 went well with Mike leading the Class B pack for quite a few laps before ceding places to Sue, Tom and James... just managing to nip past James with a 1:26.56 last lap to finish third in Class B a car length behind Tom. Result! As far as I can tell from the onboard footage, Mike didn’t put a foot wrong, and I’m grateful to him for driving within his own and the car’s limits in his first event... I’ve no doubt there is more to come from both.

I really hope Mike might be in the Ingham again at Snetterton…. if not, I suppose I’ll have to prop up the grid. Looking ahead, I’m confident we'll have another couple of drivers for 2019, for the Ingham and another car we’re also planning on entering... we'll see.

It's a good start... there's lots to learn... but Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Thanks again, and see you all at Snetterton.
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