Snetterton 300 24 September

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Re: Snetterton 300 24 September

Postby DANIELWELSH » Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:39 pm

ANNUS HORRIBILIS ,that's what 2017 was ,annus horribilis!!! ..sorry for the red flag wasn't really needed ,it was the exhaust coming adrift in the side pod, melting some heat soak material fixed in the pod ,that powder is lethal stuff, Monday morning it was jet washed ,and where the powder had been wet on sunday ,it had eaten into some bare metal bolts ,another cause for concern was the trigger wheel coming adrift ( other side ),it had been machined +pressed onto the original part,and tigged in 4 places?? Pity really I was having a good race with rod and Conway, congratulations to Conway, and nigel ,bill and team cowley...if your going to birkett see you there .dan
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