Next gen 750F cars?

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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby nick_mantis » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:16 am

As someone who was looking at building a few years ago (currently stalled and on hold for various reasons) I would only say this on changes.

If there are any big changes seriously being concidered (engine would be one of those), releasing a set of regs a year of 2 before intorduction would be good and knowing that other than safety they would be stable for a number of years after that. I certainly wouldn't start building a car before knowing :)

Reading through the comments I quite like the idea of a power limited formula or a 'here's 10L of fuel go nuts' approach, got a 6cyl Jaguar and a 400cc V4 in the garage that could both be made to work with this :+:

Not to fussed about IRS as the chassis regs seem to equalise things at the moment already, but an electrical assisted 400cc V4 driving a live axle......... :twisted:
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby Martin Kemp » Tue Sep 01, 2020 12:25 pm

I am more than happy with the present engine.
I can't see any need to change the regulations when we have such a variety of cars in close competition. There is still more scope for innovation in this formula than most others,

Martin Kemp
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby pbove » Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:23 pm


I agree with you - and Emlyn's answer to the big end bolt issue will mean that the engine should be good for quite a while yet. Meanwhile, the chassis regs seem to offer enough freedom and opportunity to innovate without allowing a complete free for all and without making older cars uncompetitive. I don't think we need to change anything unless it's broken.
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby dopdog » Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:35 pm

Martin, Peter,

I agree with you both, this is one of the main reasons for me joining the Formula. A great engine and the freedom within the regs to inovate. But is saying that you do not need all the expensives bits and bobs to be competitive, that some people keep talking about and you can come and race on a budget. I like to keep things simple and cant wait to get out with you all.
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby Steve Boother » Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:43 pm

I also agree with the comments of Martin, Peter and Simon. We have a great engine and a great set of regulations that allow for competitive racing while keeping the costs under control. It's not broke so let's not fix it.

Steve Boother
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby GregSwan » Wed Sep 02, 2020 4:34 pm

Yes, agree with you all.
All changes cost, even the 40kg of ballast plates I need to make the weight.
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby LyndonH750F » Wed Sep 30, 2020 5:56 am


I'm sure you're familiar but what worked for us is the following:

- Magazine promotion (we had coverage in a number of magazines - incl an extensive article in Practical Classics & Autposport coverage. The Warren was rebuilt 'live' at race retro which was covered by a further 7 magazines. This all led to a shortlist for the 'Octane Managzine awards.'

- Flushing out cars - I try regularly to get in touch with those 'storing' cars and try to encourage sales. Many refuse, but some budge. I keep a record of everyone who's building cars, restoring an old car - and write to them to see how they are getting on and to 'gee' them up.

- Support car sales: I've travelled to Scotland with one new driver (I didn't know) to purchase a car, and friend Charlie travelled with another newbie to Scotland to purchase another. This week, I've persuaded someone to deliver their car from Poland to UK, for me to sell on their behalf. This activity will directly impact the grid.

- Shows: every year we turn out at Race Retro, and we've done 2 years at Silverstone Classic. Ad hoc visits to Classic Car Show and Kop Hill Climb event. We think it takes 3 years to turn a lead into a new entry. At Race Retro 2019 Peter Coombes saw us and had a chat about H750F, he decided to start building a car and at Race Retro 2020 he showed me pictures of his new chassis. Race Retro 2018, a chap turned up saying he had an 'old chassis' in the garge but we "wouldn't use it now, would we?'" Turned out to be a 'brand new' DNC chassis which had never been built. It's now being built for 2021. We ALWAYS gather contact details from stand visitors and follow them up.

- mailing list: one of our most beneficial things. We circulate race reports and 'news' articles via email. To everyone we can, all those names from shows. Lots of our new drivers are often converts from the mailing list. They watched what we do, read about it, read the race reports. Eventually they contact me asking for a car to race.

- leavers: are biggest issue has been to slow the number of drivers leaving. In the 'Trophy' days we had 3 drivers join each year and 3 leave. We've slowed this down. I believe the hospitality has been instrumental in creating strong driver friendships. It's also great for wives/partners to keep dry on a shitty day and to become friends with the other wives.

mechanical support: we also have a great network of contcts. lots of the drivers also support other drivers with car repairs/engine building on and off the grid.

TV Coverage: This is my next goal. I'd like to get some TV coverage for both formula. We previously featured on Blue Peter - primetime TV. We should be aiming as 'car SOS?' or similar? Ideas?

This year we've had less races (so less race reports and less new articles), less shows (less new contacts) and less magazine promotion. We've also 'coincidentally' experienced a significant drop in enquiries from new drivers wanting cars at the same time!
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby LyndonH750F » Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:04 am

Website - contact form

One last though - on our website we added a 'contact form' whereby people can add their email to receive our newsletters. This is working, and people are completing it. Another avenue to capture details of interest new drivers.
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby Steve Boother » Wed Sep 30, 2020 5:09 pm

Hi Lyndon

Thank you for posting this information, I think there is a a lot of value in this and I will peruse this in more detail.

We should talk at some point.

Thanks again.

Steve Boother
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Re: Next gen 750F cars?

Postby RichardJ » Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:02 pm

There’s some really good suggestions by Lyndon, and I was wondering if the 750F committee could help develop some of these? But to be honest I’m not sure who is on the committee at the moment, or if it’s even still active. There’s been no posts in the committee section for a couple of years.
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