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Committee Report & Season Review 2008

Postby suebmick » Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:16 pm

Committee Members
Rod Hill (F Rep), Peter Bove, Chris Gough, Will Johnston, Sue Buxton

Committee Meetings
A number of Committee meetings & general driver discussions have taken place throughout the 2008 season. Very few enquiries/concerns have been raised with the Committee from the registered competitors/future competitors, & these have been answered either in person, or through the Formula Website, which has made the job of being a Committee Member relatively easy this year!

Although the Formula website is useful for the discussion of many topics, the AFD (Annual Formula Discussion), held normally at South Mimms in the New Year, is the official route for discussion on a variety of topics. If you can attend, do. If not, make sure you contact one of the committee members prior to the AFD if there is a topic you wish to be discussed/raised. During the year, the official route is via the Formula Rep (2008, Rod Hill) who will report to the RTC (Racing & Technical Committee) & 750MC for clarification of any queries.

The Club & the RTC have, however, asked us to work on certain "unclear" areas within the Formula regs & on the compilation of various data, mostly concerning the Fiat engine & parts. Our thanks to all who have helped in this task.

AFD 2009
Details of venue/times etc will be in the Jan or Feb Bulletin. Please attend if you can. Topics to be discussed will probably include....
Election of 2009 Formula Rep & Committee
Standard transverse mounted Fiat rear engine/standard transverse axle option for 2010
Availability of the facility for those wishing to attend the double-header meetings, but only to enter the FIRST race
If there's anything else you wish to be discussed, contact one of the Committee in January

2008 Committee Review

2009 Calendar
Following a drivers meeting at Donington requested by Robin Knight, it was decided that next year's racing calendar would endeavour to lighten the travelling expenses & credit-crunch hardships of all formulae, not just the 750F. To this end we will probably have 6 double-headers & 2 singles in 2009, with Lydden (unfortunate for the 7 Kent-based drivers) & Pembrey not featuring in the 750MC's race calendar, these 2 tracks being the furthest for the majority to travel to. & the hardest for the Club to fill the grids. It was felt by the majority attending the meeting, that 2-day double-headers were considered preferable for most entrants as the potential for accidents on the homeward journey after an exceptionally long day was too risky. Robin will take our discussions into account when planning 2009.

Class B
Following apparent confusion from some current & many would-be 750 Racers, the requirements have been defined...
1. Class B is a Formula-instigated sub-championship designed to encourage novice drivers or those new to the Formula & unlike other championship "classes" has nothing to do with engine size/car age etc

2. Entrants are not eligible for Class B if they have achieved any of the following in the previous 5 years:
Been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race (these placings do not instantly preclude you from Class B..only for the foll 5 years)
Finished the Championship in the top 6
Won Class B

3. Class B entrants continue to be awarded main Championship points, but are also awarded Class B points as a seperate Championship.

4. 750MC 750F Class B trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall at the awards presentation at the 750MC Dinner Dance, to be returned to Robin Knight at the end of each season, with replicas to be kept by the winners. Class B individual race trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd places when a sponsor, (other than Yokohama/Polleysport) is in place. Without an additional sponsor, it is at the Club's discretion, according to Class B race entry numbers, whether to award the trophies, or not.

Mandated Cam
Following much heated & varied discussion throughout 2007 amongst the drivers, the Club expressed a desire for the 750F to follow the route of most of the Club's Championships. The drivers were left with no option but to agree & follow the Club's directive for a mandated cam. Introduced for 2008, the Newman Camshaft's new cam posed a few problems with delivery/installation for some competitors. As the season has progressed, the dust appears to have settled, with few problems occurring.

Championship Status
The MSA regulate Championship, or Series, status. Falling numbers in many championships cause great concern for drivers & race clubs alike (note that 750MC Hot Hatch will not be racing in 2009). An average grid number of each championship is taken AT THE END OF JUNE each year, to determine the status for the following year. A "yellow card" may be issued as a warning by the MSA....i.e. if numbers don't improve, your championship status may be removed. The 750MC fights hard on our behalf as we were the "start" of the Club, but we have had 2 yellow cards within the last 5 years & have JUST scraped through. It is of paramount importance for numbers to average above (at the moment) 18 for the FIRST HALF of the season. Please bear this in mind when planning your year!! It may be cold in March, but if you want to race next year, wear a wooly jumper & get out there!

Currently the only decals allowed anywhere ON THE CARS*** are (as approved by the RTC/750MC)...
1. 750MC stickers (mandatory), one at the front as near to the centre line of the car as possible, & 1 on each side as near to the number squares as possible), available from Robin Knight
2. Championship sponsor stickers (mandatory)
a) Yokohama or Yokohama/Polleysport (same positioning as above), available from George Polley
b) Premier Choice Healthcare (one on either side of the car & preferably 1 to the front as well), available at race meetings/AFD from Mike Izzard or Bill Rutter
3. British Women Racing Drivers Club registered competitor stickers (1 on either side of the rear of the car)
4. Driver's name & blood group if desired
5. sticker, available from Keith Hamer at or from your own signmaker, sized to fit space available.
6. Name/make of car as shown in race programmes
7. Logo stickers for "Sponsorship"** in the form of discount prices for consumables available to ALL 750F registered competitors..e.g. EBC Brakes (currently 50% discount) ** see personal sponsorship (below)
(FIAT stickers cannot be ratified by the 750MC due to copyright laws)

Personal Sponsorship
Although not now officially written in the Formula regs, the 750F has always been regarded as strictly amateur & "protected" as such. A variety of "unwritten" rules may be applied to a situation that it is felt does not comply with the "Spirit of the Formula", personal sponsorship being one of them. Personal sponsor decals/logos may be worn on overalls, helmet or on the trailer/tow vehicle, but NOT on the race car, inside or out.

Yokohama/Polleysport have again kindly sponsored the Formula for 2008 & we hope for their continued support for the forseeable future.
Premier Choice Health Care have been exceptionally hospitable sponsors of the Formula for the last 2 years, & we can now confirm that this will continue for the 2009 season.

Rain Lights
It appears that it is NOT going to be mandatory (in the forseeable future) for rain lights to be on at all times when the cut-out switch is on. There has been some discussion about SOME LED's within a rain light failing. Safest to carry a spare, & if ANY LED's fail within the whole light, change it.

Clarification of some Regs
Following a recent upsurge in new-builds & growing interest in the 750F, some questions have been raised throughout the last couple of years concerning the interpretation of some of the technical regs. Many of the long-standing competitors have previously "agreed" to an interpretation of some of the wordings, following discussions as to their original intent.

Certain current & future members have questioned the actual meaning of some of the regs. The RTC & 750MC have asked the current committee to re-word any regs to try to ensure that the original intent is made clearer to all. We hope that the 2009 regs will clarify any discrepancies. If anyone is still unsure as to the exact meaning, please contact any one of the committee.

For those in build-stage, or re-designing older cars, please remember that there is a form on the end of the regs for you to put forward any design ideas to the RTC/Cheif Scrutineer for approval, while they ARE still ideas, & not already at the completed construction stage!

We are often asked questions such as "Am I allowed to (enter idea here) to the engine?" There is a simple rule to be applied, namely, if it does not specifically allowed in the regs then, even if it doesn't appear to provide a performance advantage, it isn't allowed. For example, it isn't allowed to drill out an exhaust stud & tap it with a larger sized thread to repair a damaged thread.

We are also concerned that some competitors are having engines built without the builders being aware of the regs. It is the competitor's responsibility to ensure that their engines are legal & the Club takes a dim view ( & draconian action) against competitors that campaign illegal cars. Please therefore make sure that anyone building an engine is aware of the regulations before they start to build, otherwise your hard-earned money will be wasted.

Towing Eyes
Following a discussion with Dallas Smith & a number of the scrutineers at the Birkett Relay, it appears that we MAY have to all have a towing eye at the front & rear of the car from 2009 in order to be pulled out of a gravel trap. These eyes will have to be at least 60mm internal diameter. They must not be attached to the axle, or roll hoop, but to a part of the chassis/framework that could take that load. Webbing straps will suffice & must be easily located by recovery crews (i.e. visible from front & rear, & marked) & obviously not flapping about! This has come about as a result of a number of incidents where eyes could not be found easily (not 750F cars) & through the possibility of repercussions through crews putting strain on the roll hoop, which is a safety device for your protection.
Please see the 2009 regs as soon as they are available for confirmation & check in the relevant section of the Blue Book

Non-return Fuel Valves
You may have read recently about these valves being mandatorily fitted to all race cars to ensure no spillage of fuel when samples are being tested post-race. They will NOT be mandatory for 750F.

2008 Races
Average grid numbers were 18.4 this year. With the newcomers waiting in the wings, we hope to better this in 2009.
For the first time in many years, race wins were shared by 6 competitors....Martin Kemp (1), Dave Robson (1), Mick Harris (2), Peter Bove (7), Roger Rowe (2) & Bob Simpson (1)
Class B wins were taken by Max Sheppard (3), Andrew Lake (2), Will Johnston Jnr (5), David Watts (3) & Colin Wolstenholme (1)
Congratulations to all the winners.

Driving Standards
In general, standards of driving have been very high this year. A few races have been uncharacteristically red-flagged, thankfully not through "over-exuberance" or "red mist driving", but mostly through sheer misfortune. It is rare that 750F drivers are called to see the Clerk of the Course for misdemeanours/erratic driving. We need to keep it that way! Now that the Fiat engines are "closing the pack" considerably, there have been many more minor "touches" & knocks through very close racing all through the field. More than ever, we all need to be much more aware of the consequences of our actions. If you have a "moment" or an "off", it almost certainly WILL affect others. Please bear it in mind next year.

Lap Records
A number of long-standing lap records have been broken this season. New LR's.....
Roger Rowe, Mallory Park, 0.51.46 on 3rd Aug '08
Dave Robson, Silverstone National, 1.07.01, on 1st July '08
Bob Simpson, Pembrey, 1.04.00, on 25th May '08
Bob Simpson, Snetterton, 1.21.04, on 28th Sept '08
Congratulations to all new LR holders

New 750 Racers
Welcome to two new 750Racers appearing for the first time this season, Anna Speed & Alan Bunter. We hope to see you both out more next year.
A number of cars appear to be nearing completion in readiness for the 2009 season & we look forward to seeing you all out there soon.

Cars For Sale
A number of current/nearly complete cars have come up for sale throughout this season, 2 of them still available at the time of writing. Hopefully we will see these cars out with us too with new, or "returned" 750 drivers.

2008 Awards & Trophies
Congratulations to all drivers who have won a Championship Trophy this season ( & to those who have not, but have made this year memorable in many ways)

Peter Bove 2008 Overall Champion
2nd & Bill Cowley Award (Highest placed car designed & driven by constructor) Dave Robson
3dr Mick Harris
4th Roger Rowe
5th Bob Simpson
6th Martin Kemp
Jeff Ward Trophy (Highest placed non race-winner) Rod Hill
Robin Read Trophy (Highest placed Newcomer....not awarded this season)
Brian Clayton Trophy (Highest placed driver in a car in its first year of racing) Max Sheppard

Champion Class B (Tony Shaw Trophy) Max Sheppard
2nd (Paul Ward Trophy) Andrew Lake
3rd (Richard Scott Trophy) Paul Collins

Jem Marsh trophy (Best turned car throughout the season) TBA

Birkett 6 Hour relay
This year two 750F teams were competing in the frantic Birkett Relay on 25th October at Silverstone. For the first time, 55 teams were entered & the race was held on the International circuit (Confirmed also for 2009, last weekend in October). Teams of Healeys, Caterhams, Jags, BMWs, Ginettas, Mallocks, 750s & many others compete on scratch & handicap for 6 hours!

Results of 750s...

Old Gits on Speed
Rod Hill, Peter Bove, Chris Gough, Roger Rowe, Dave Robson & Jon Lee
Finished....190 laps
28th on scratch
27th on handicap
Best Lap by Dave Robson (1min 38.53)

Fire Engines
Andrew Lake, Bill Rutter, Paul Collins, Mick Harris, Sue Buxton & Ian Allen
Finished....187 laps
36th on scratch
19th on handicap
Best lap by Mick Harris (1min 38.47)

Congratulations to the Old Gits for their scratch victory over the Fire Engines, & to the Fire Engines for their victory over the Old Gits on handicap! Congratulations also to Dave & Mick for their exceptionally quick laps (previous LR being 1 min 39.99) & also to many other team members who equalled or nearly equalled the old lap record! Stunning driving all round.

And FINALLY......
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this another memorable year for the 750 Formula. This is a great way to go racing and largely, that comes down to the drivers, helpers, families & our sponsors who all contribute to the thrills, spills, laughter & enjoyment. Thank you all for your support!

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