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Postby pbove » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:15 am

Hi all,

Back in the day we used to have the annual formula discussion and one of the agenda items was election of the formula committee. Those days are now gone, but we don't really have a replacement method, so this forum is probably the best method of eliciting your views. For the newer recruits to our numbers, the committee is charged with representing the driver's views to the race committee and to the club's management team (although of course you are always welcome to contact them directly). In day to day terms this means that we look after the regulations and oversee the formula's health.

So first things first, are you all OK with the way the committee is operating at the moment? I have always worked on the basis that people are generally happy unless I hear anything different. If you have any views then you're welcome to post them on here or to contact me directly.

We are always keen to get fresh ideas on the committee, so if anyone would like to stand please contact me via email, phone or PM and we can talk about what is involved. Equally, if anyone would like to take over as Formula Representative (i.e. the committee chairman) I would be pleased to talk about that. I would be happy to hand over to someone else if they have a desire to take over. Also, if there is a general dissatisfaction with how we are operating then I would initiate a process to find a replacement.

So please express your views. My contact details are:

Mobile: 07775 812520
email: pbove@btinternet.com

Alternatively, if you would rather talk to someone outside of the formula please contact Giles Groombridge.

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