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YOUR 2008 Committee

Postby suebmick » Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:35 pm

A new Formula Rep & Committee for 2008 has been appointed at the AFD held on the 17th Feb

These people are there to represent YOU as 750 racers or would-be 750 racers, so make sure you USE them if you want your views heard!

ROD HILL Formula Rep 2008. "Chairman" of committee with casting vote on any decision
Sits on RTC (Racing & Technical Committee) & reports to, & from, RTC & 750MC
01530 414798 (not at "soaps" time please)

PETER BOVE Technical 01438 798546

CHRIS GOUGH Technical 01952 605491

WILL JOHNSTON(Snr) Technical 01929 558121

SUE BUXTON Communications/For Sale & Wanted 01634 245805

Your committee is there to represent you as 750 racers. They will endeavour to.....

Gather your views
Meet regularly & discuss ideas/concerns/regulations, current & future
Take decisions made either by the 750F members &/or committee to RTC & 750MC
Control costs/developments within the "Spirit of the Formula"
Advise 750F members about committee meeting dates & report outcomes of those meetings
Promote the Formula within the 750MC & externally wherever possible

YOUR help in all of the above is always appreciated!
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Re: YOUR 2008 Committee

Postby will » Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:06 am

Update on missing telephone numbers - 01929 558121 or 07799 628070 or

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