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Postby pbove » Thu May 06, 2021 5:37 am

Posted on behalf of Steve Boother.......

Hi everyone,

We recently asked members of the 750 Formula registered drivers to put their names forward if they were interested in taking on any roles in a new committee for this year. Sadly not many names were put forward but that did make it a much easier decision to form the committee with those that did and we are very happy that everyone who was interested will be involved.

Speaking on behalf of the new committee we are very excited about the season ahead and are very much encouraged by the increasing numbers. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes and publicly to promote the formula, look for available cars and find new buyers. The 750MC's 750 Formula Facebook group is attracting a huge number of people visiting and showing interest and the new website has performed incredibly well and is also attracting a lot of visitors. In addition, the 750 Forum continues to perform very well.

We now have several avenues for people to find us and the results are beginning to become apparent. There is still lots of work to do and I know there are still lots of cars that could be on the grid but we are getting there. Anyone who knows of a car that is not being used and can make contact with the owner please do, this will be greatly appreciated.

One area that I am very much interested in improving is the paddock social side, I think the Formula lost something very important when Premier Choice halted sponsorship at the end of 2016 and wouldn't it be great if we could find a sponsor willing to help in a similar way. I for one would certainly be happy chipping in a fiver every round for an after race drink and bite to eat to go along with some healthy banter.

So to this end I am very excited to announce the 2021 750 Formula committee. Any questions please do ask, go easy on us as we get ourselves settled :-) I very much hope you will all be pleased, do leave us a comment so that we can gain some feedback. Come on the 750 Formula!!

750 Formula Rep: Steve Boother

1. Point of contact for general enquiries (with assistance from Richard Dixon).
2. Point of contact with the 750MC (with assistance from Richard Dixon).
3. Mediator for 750 Formula committee discussions.
4. Arranging and documenting regular 750 Formula committee meetings (away from the circuit via electronic means).
5. Pro-active communication to the 750 Formula drivers.
6. Social media i.e. website, Facebook group etc. including assisting with advertising cars for sale and finding potential buyers.

Assistant 750 Formula Rep: Richard Dixon
1. Point of contact for general enquiries(shared with 750 Formula Rep).
2. Point of contact with 750 MC (shared with 750 Formula Rep).
3. New driver introduction.
4. Pro-active communication with Clerk of Course.
5. Assistance for drivers with Clerk of Course situations if needed.

Technical Leader: Simon Boulter with Rich Jenkins as Technical Assistant
1. Point of contact for Technical queries.
2. Manage the 750 Formula Technical Regulations.
2. Contribute ideas to the 750 Formula committee for technical roadmap.
3. Communication of technical issues and updates to the 750 Formula drivers.
4. Lead technical discussions at the 750 Formula committee regular meetings.
5. Ensure new drivers are aware of the regulations.

Technical Advisor: Rod Hill
1. Assist the Technical Leader on all subjects relating to the technical regulations and advise as necessary.
2. Provide back up to technical discussions at the 750 Formula committee regular meetings.

750 Formula Advisor: Peter Bove
1. Advisory role to assist the new 750 Formula Rep and committee.

750 Formula Spokesperson for transaxle cars: Mark Glover, Andrew Kemp
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