We all knew it wouldn't last long......

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We all knew it wouldn't last long......

Postby pbove » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:10 pm

Hi everyone. I might have been lost for words at Snetterton but we all knew that probably would only be a temporary thing! Truth be told, there were a million things going through my mind, many things I wanted to say, but I was a bit too emotional to get them into an order that would have allowed me to say them.

I've now had the opportunity to read all the very kind comments that were written in my very precious book and felt that I needed to say thank you to you all. My time as formula rep has been interesting and rewarding, well, most of the time! But while I was credited with the glory, the truth is, I was only the figurehead and could not have achieved anything without a strong committee. In recent years this has included Rod, Chris, Mark, Sue, Robin, Max, Mike and over the full period, many others. I have relied heavily on their knowledge, talent, ideas, enthusiasm and pragmatism.

We have an exciting future ahead of us with the 70th anniversary next year, some new cars and drivers lining up and a core of regular committed races without whom we would not have a formula. We also have some challenges, the biggest being the number of cars sitting unused in garages (and yes, I know, one of them is mine!). I have full confidence in the committee to move us forward in a progressive and positive direction and I know that you will give them the same support that you so kindly gave me.

Many thanks for your support, goodwill and kind comments over the years, it was fun!
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