2022 Draft Race Schedule

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2022 Draft Race Schedule

Postby pbove » Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:02 pm

I guess by now everyone has seen next year's race dates, but if you're still in the dark, they are on the club web site.

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Re: 2022 Draft Race Schedule

Postby Andrew Gent » Fri Dec 24, 2021 2:07 pm

Hi all, I know I'm only a bit-part player in the formula nowadays, but can I just say how disappointed I am in the 22 calendar.
As somebody who is based near Manchester, I always look for the meetings 'up in t'north'.
So the club is visiting Croft twice, Donnington twice, Oulton twice and Anglesey (twice if you count the Italian meet), and the 750F doesn't get a race at any of those meets.
And as the club is based at Donnington, I'm surprised that every formula does not get a meeting there at least once.
Is it all to do with economics?
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Re: 2022 Draft Race Schedule

Postby Steve Boother » Thu Dec 30, 2021 10:48 am

I am sure economics play a part in any decision the club make but this is more to do with numbers. The 750 Formula is currently on a yellow card with MSUK and so we have a job to do to prove we are a valid and profitable formula for the future. I am absolutely convinced that we are but we need our members to commit to being on the grid regularly so that we improve our average starter numbers. Attrition is something that is also looked at in close detail by MSUK and that is something we have suffered with and need to improve on. Our average is based on race starters and not entries so we all need to improve our reliability so that we have as many cars as possible start both races of a weekend.

However, the recent Autosport piece stated that we were second in the table for improving our average in 2021 and we are on the verge of getting ourselves back in the safe zone, 2022 is key to making another step forward and I am am very hopeful that we will have some very healthy grids to look forward to.

Bring the cars out everyone, your Formula needs you!
Steve Boother
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Re: 2022 Draft Race Schedule

Postby LyndonH750F » Sat Jan 08, 2022 9:33 am

I often submit a couple of calendar requests for H750F each year around October time. When I say requests I don't mean a fully drafted out calendar....but

Hi Giles

In 2022 we'd really like to go to Oulton Park and would prefer not to visit XX circuit.

This year we got Oulton and Silverstone International which I asked for. There's no point submitting an endless list of wants, as you simply won't get them, with 23 formulae to consider. But they have been very good at trying to give us 1 or 2 of our choices if they can. We also for monthly spacing between events where feasible.

Speaking to 750MC each year, calendar schedules are a nightmare each time - this year they had challenges getting any other events in June, hence Pembrey (although apparently Pembrey is under-going a refurb of its facilities). But I know 750MC try to accommodate every formulas first choice where they can, they then map the rest of the calendar around this.

Personally I don't consult each and every driver on the H750F calendar requests, it would be a nightmare, and if the drivers didn't get what they want they would all call me to complain. I simply make a judgement call.

Having said that, I expect there could be some truth in what Steve says, we must all prove our value and worth through decent grid entries and registrations. Perhaps now is the time for both formula to release a 'driver and car profile' per day on facebook to show how much support we have to 2022. In my experience showing project builds, cars sold and new driver profiles on facebook this really helps to build the momentum.
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Re: 2022 Draft Race Schedule

Postby paulmason » Sat Jan 08, 2022 2:34 pm

As the number of starters is the key to race numbers to keep the Championship rather than the number of entries perhaps drivers who's cars just have a missfire/ reduced power/ overheating issue should be encouraged to at least make the start of the race. This is particularly relevant for the second race of a double header when starting numbers generally are lower. I am not suggesting starting with a car which is unsafe in anyway.
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Re: 2022 Draft Race Schedule

Postby Steve Boother » Mon Jan 10, 2022 10:01 am

Thanks for the additional comments.

I think the daily driver profile idea is a good one but I do need some more support from the 750 Formula driver as not everyone submitted a driver profile even though lots were promised.

I have listed below the ones that have and also the ones I really need to get so that we can add them to the catalogue, please help us with this.

Profiles Received

Steve Boother
Peter Bove
Mark Glover
Mick Harris
Sue Harris
Simon Boulter
Conway Daw
Richard Dixon
Martin Kemp
Andrew Kemp
Dave Robson
Dave Hodkin
Richard Jenkins
Matt Unwin
Alan Bunter

Profiles Needed

Ian Barley
David Bartholomew
Tony Brazier
Jason Chatten
Bill Cowley
Huw Davies
Benjamin Doak
John Donley
Geoff Fairburn
Andrew Gent
Chris Gough
Rod Hill
Ulric Hilliam
Paul Mason
Ed Pither
Richard Rothery
Bill Rutter
Bob Simpson
Will Smith
Greg Swan
David Watts
Dan Welsh
Adam Wilkins
Jack/Nick Ashton
Rory Hill
Alex Bagnall

I am sure there must be others that I have missed, sorry for that, but please submit a profile to me as soon as you can so that we can push the promotion of the formula further. There are 41 names above which when we deduct the triple drive on the PRS there are 39 cars that could potentially all enter races this year, that is significant and will propel us to the next level. I am very excited by this opportunity for our formula and this would certainly get us noticed even more.

Please help us to help ourselves.


PM me if you need my email address to send the profile to.
Steve Boother
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