Big end bolts

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Big end bolts

Postby EmlynC » Thu Jun 18, 2020 6:17 pm

I don't like the idea of building a race car engine with second hand big end bolts, so I decided to investigate the possibility of getting a batch made.

Google quickly found Special Bolt Coventry Ltd, and after sending Tim Bayliss a sample Fiat con rod, and having a discussion about the requirements of the Formula, he replied with the following:

Emlyn good afternoon nice to speak to you on the phone.

We received your sample, we have checked this sample against our tooling.

You are in luck we have on the shelf all of the tools to make this bolt including the Angled knurl to locate the cap of the conrod (6.2mm rather than the 6.0mm of the standard part)

We offer in a material to make this item at least 15% stronger than the sample you have sent to me. Making them 15% stronger is no more expensive than making them to same grade as your sample.

Your sample was 30 on the Rockwell C scale. We would produce these at 35 to 37 Rockwell C.

We would provide material and heat treat certificates. Plus a dimensional report to validate the part.

These news parts will be a direct replacement for the existing part and fit the existing conrod assembly, albeit somewhat stronger.

There is going to be a lead time of about six weeks, but today I have bitten the bullet and ordered 500 bolts (62.5 sets). There was a difficult balance between lower unit costs for larger volumes, and how many sets will actually be needed, but I hope that I have selected the right balance.

The price is £25.00 for a set (I'm not a company and don't intend to be one, so there is no additional VAT).

Please message me if you are interested.


ps Special Bolt Coventry make big end bolts for a wide variety of interesting vehicles from 1,000 bhp dragster engine, racing Hillman Imps to Chieftain tanks
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Re: Big end bolts

Postby Steve Boother » Fri Jun 19, 2020 10:44 am

Thanks Emlyn

Hopefully there will be takers on this, you have my email already :+:

Steve Boother
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Re: Big end bolts

Postby pbove » Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:35 am

Yes, mine too!
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