Bodywork panels

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Bodywork panels

Postby suebmick » Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:35 am

There seem to be quite a few people who we've spoken to in the last year or so who are currently building. Hope all's going well with you all & we look forward to seeing you & your new creations.
There are also a lot of pictures about of some beautiful bodyworks.

Just a note to all those in the thinking stage...…

In the winter of '96, I sat in the garage with LOADS of "bits" of internal & external bodywork parts & moaned to Dick Harvey that he'd designed a car with SO MANY "bits"

His experienced answer was...."When you're in the garage or at a race meeting in a panic, on your own & with only a screwdriver to hand, you'll thank me"
And so many times I have seen what he meant. I can whip off the appropriate bit in seconds & get to what I need to see/repair/hit/kick etc

And all the bits live in the ceiling of the garage all winter.

Mick's bodywork & moulds, however, needed a whole new large shed & 2 of us to move them about & it's a mammoth task to make a new section without missing a race if there's damage.

Just a thought

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