Transverse Gearbox Ratios

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Transverse Gearbox Ratios

Postby Martin Kemp » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:33 am

Following Tony's article I thought it would be useful for Tranny owners and builders to have a list of the most suitable gearboxes for racing.
I hope I have attached a spreadsheet with the more common gearboxes below. There are 2 tables one showing the individual ratios and the other showing the overall ratios including the final drive. However FIATs do seem to vary from nominal specification and not all scrapyard gearboxes are what they say they are so you need to check.

I believe the Batten uses the C526 gearbox from the 900cc Seicento and Cinquecento which is smaller and lighter than the boxes fitted to the FIRE engined cars but it only really has 3 usable ratios and needs a an interface plate to fit onto a FIRE engine.

For the C514 gearboxes fitted to the FIRE engine I have shown the most commonly available choices with the standard 5th gear and the Ron Welsh straight cut 1:1 5th gear

Transverse FIAT gearbox ratios.png
Transverse FIAT gearbox ratios.png (34.67 KiB) Viewed 994 times
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